Lip Fillers in Cardiff

Lip Fillers in Cardiff at Brooks Aesthetics Clinic.

Creating volume

Having fuller, yet soft and bouncy lips is one way of creating a more sultry and beautiful appearance. It adds greater glamour to your appearance and gives an overall more healthy look.

The Natural Ageing Affect

As we age our lips thin due to a decrease in collagen production. Whilst we can try and optimise collagen reproduction through a rich and varied diet it does not always improve the look of the lips. Adding more volume to thinning lips is a simple way to reverse the signs of ageing and whilst sometimes it does not have to be a glaringly noticeable change, the overall look of the face will be more youthful.

Boosting Confidence

Many people are self conscious about their smile, specifically if it looks ‘gummy’and causes the top lip to disappear. Adding lip fillers to plump up the lips mitigates this and gives many women more confidence in their smile.


Profile balancing is the key to getting a more aesthetically pleasing look. On consultation we advise based on your profile to ensure that your lips will be well suited to your face. Many people who have never considered lip augmentation have decided for it based on profile balancing recommendations.

Pricing starting from £180.00 for 1ml.

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